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"Tax Centers of America-Osprey has handeled all of our tax preperation needs for the past 4 years. They are reliable and were even able to interface with the IRS and were instrumental in resolving our tax issues...... More

- Mr. & Mrs.Scott Moser,
Venice, FL

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E File

E-File - Electronic filing began in 1986 on a limited basis. Looking at the graph below, you can see the phenomenal growth the industry has experienced since that time.

Benefits of Electronic Filing

  • Fast Refunds- Most refunds are issued within four days of acknowledgement
  • Direct Deposit- Optional direct deposit of your refund is available.
  • Acknowledgement of Returns- Receipt of returns are confirmed using an electronic acknowledgement system. When the IRS receives your electronic return, the confirmation is either sent directly to you at home, or to your income tax preparer.
  • Accuracy- Electronically filed tax returns are received virtually error-free. Statistics show 12% of all paper returns have some sort of error.
  • Convenience- The federal/State Program is a "one stop shop" tax filing. E-file allows taxpayers to file both their federal and state tax returns in one transmission.


You Can Be Part of This Explosive Growth!

IRS wants 80% e-filing by 2007

  WASHINGTON -- Buried by mountains of paper, the Internal Revenue Service announced an ambitious goal of having 80% of taxpayers e-File their income tax returns by 2007.

From The Associated Press